Dog Cat Seat Cover Safety Pet Waterproof Hammock For Your Car BLACK

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Want to keep your pooch in the back seat while  keeping your car clean? Here's our solution...

This hammock protects upholstery and prevents your dog from jumping up front and  causing an accident. This uniquely designed hammock attaches to the vehicle's  front and rear headrests creating a barrier between the front seat and the back  seat. This is a safe way to keep your pooch off the floor, off the front  console, and out of your lap in order to prevent accidents.

Great for larger dogs, the hammock seat cover adjusts to fit most vehicles  including cars, extended cab trucks, mini-vans and SUV's. For easy cleaning of  hair, dirt and dander, just shake out or brush off the Back Seat Hammock Cover.

Item Details:

- Condition:100% brand new
- Color: Red
- Material/Fabric:durable Oxford cloth with plated PVC true waterproof
- Attaches to vehicle’s front and rear headrests
- Adjusts to fit most vehicles
- Protects back seat from hair, dirt & dander
- Shake out or brush off for easy cleaning
- Dimensions(approx): 130cm X 126cm

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